The softest bread I’ve ever made

February 28, 2023


We have a few busy weeks coming up ahead of us but nonetheless I am super excited to share this month’s special – it is softest and fluffiest bread I have made so far! Not just that but it also has an absolutely stunning colour. 

The Halloween Special – Roasted Squash Sourdough

What makes it special?

Roasted squash

The equivalent of 18 000 tonnes of food is wasted every Halloween when we bin our carved pumpkins – so I am making the most of the season and instead of carving pumpkins we are using squash which comes in all shapes and sizes and is more nutritious than pumpkins. 

Pumpkin seeds

Roasted and full of nutrition they add nuttiness to the loaf. Pumpkin seeds contain zinc, essential fatty acids and are full of fibre. 

Pillow soft

The roasted squash makes this loaf incredibly tender and pillow soft without the crumb falling apart. A tiny amount of turmeric helps the beautiful squash colour shine even more. 

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