About Us

Flour & Soul Bakery was set up by us (Irina and Graham) in our home kitchen during a global pandemic. 

Our Story

Irina is a Nutritional Therapist, turned baker, with a passion for high quality sustainable food and living. Irina is Bulgarian and has an inherent need to feed others. 

Graham is the number cruncher, bread tester and father to Krum and Zoya. He is also the chief allotment grower in the family. 

Flour & Soul was born out of our love for real food and sharing it with those around us. It has been very exciting to see the huge demand and support we’ve received so far by everyone who has bought our bread or just sent messages of encouragement.

Our Bread

All our bread is made using organic and stone ground flours sourced as close to home as possible. Stone ground flours are more easily digested and contain more nutrients compared to conventionally milled flours. We never use any additives or commercial yeast.

We are incredibly passionate about our bread, the way it is made, where we source the flour, how we deliver it. Each loaf takes 3 days to make and is fermented slowly over 24 hours – this gives its chewy texture, open crumb and distinctive taste.

All our bread is delivered by bike in partnership with Urmston Bike Deliveries – that is zero food miles when it comes to the impact of our delivery. 

Join Flour & Soul Bread Club

We have been humbled and a little overwhelmed by the demand for our bread. Setting up a Bread Club allows us to plan our capacity better, deliver to more people and avoid waste. The FAQ page gives more information about how it works. 

We occasionally have spare loaves and hope to be able to offer more in the near future. Join our mailing list to keep up to date.