Sourdough Bakery

Award-winning, small batch, handmade sourdough bread, delivered by bike in South Manchester.

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Sourdough Bakery

Small batch, handmade sourdough bread, delivered by bike in South Manchester.

award-winning bread


We are an award-winning family run neighbourhood bakery. We source our ingredients as close to home as possible and we take great pride in being part of the vibrant community Urmston is.

Flour. Water. Salt

A lot of soul and occasionally some seeds. There are no additives, preservatives or ingredients you can't pronounce in our bread. Honest real bread.

Making A Difference

We want to be at the forefront of doing the right thing. We deliver by bike which means one less car on the road which in turn makes our community a more pleasant, cleaner and safer place to live.

Our Bread

Soulful White

Hearty Seeded

100% Rye

The Maltchester

What Makes Our Bread Special?

All our bread is handmade using organic and stone ground flours sourced as close to home as possible. Stone ground flours are more easily digested and contain more nutrients compared to conventionally milled flours. 

Our bread takes 3 days to make and is fermented slowly over 24 hours – this gives its chewy texture, open crumb and distinctive taste. 

All our bread is delivered by bike in recyclable packaging – that is almost zero food miles when it comes to the impact of our delivery. 

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