The every day special

June 22, 2022


Every day special

As we are away this month and closed for our monthly special week I thought I will still share why even our everyday sourdough is so special. 

The headlining facts 

  • Local – less than 50 food miles from field to your table
  • Stoneground – keeping nutrients present in the grain by milling the whole grain and then sifting the bran
  • Flour, water, salt – good for you, good for the environment

However a new perspective has been offered to us recently. All the recent warm and dry weather across the UK has meant spring wheat crops have been severely affected and some millers like Gilchester in Northumberland are expecting grain prices in the UK to as much as double with the new harvest. This will affect everyone but as usually those most affected will be the most vulnerable. What is the solution? Switching from white to wholemeal – according to Gilchester it immediately stops the waste of 30 to 50% of the harvest. 

I am not going to delve into the economics (and politics) of supermarket bread but just offer a reminder that all our bread in addition to using stoneground flour, also contains between 15% and 20% wholemeal flour. And if you fancied 100% wholemeal – why not try our organic rye?

As far as prices are concerned –  we buy most of our flour from Caroline and her family at Walk Mill, who grow and mill the flour we use in all our bread. We haven’t seen a price rise just yet which has also allowed us to keep our prices the same since we started almost 2 years ago. That will hopefully continue for a few more months as Caroline is still milling last year’s harvest. 

And speaking of harvest milling, here is a photo of one of the wheat fields back in March. 

Wheat field at Walk Mill in March

Even though we won’t be delivering a special this month we ask you to take the time to appreciate your usual weekly loaf and thank you for your on-going support which makes it all possible. Your weekly deliveries contribute to a better local economy and quieter, cleaner Urmston roads for all. 

How to eat your weekly loaf?

We are sure you probably have your favourite way, but here are three sandwich fillings we really enjoy!

Ham and cheese but better

Lightly toast your bread, spread both sides with mayonnaise and then layer, smoked ham, bread and butter pickles, comte cheese and dill. 

Need a vegetarian version?

Lightly toast your bread, spread both sides with mayonnaise, top with kimchi, fried egg and slices of tomato. Messy but so worth it!

Make mine vegan

Have you tried bean hummus yet? It is sweet and creamy and works great in sandwiches in place of hummus or mayonnaise. Top it with beetroot and rocket for a colourful lunch special.