Oropéndula Olive Oil: The Essence of Southern Spain now available in our shop

May 20, 2024


We have been waiting for this oil for several months which makes it all the more special! Last year Daniel from Oropéndula Olive Oil got in touch to tell me about their artisan olive oil production in the Alpujarras region in Granada, Southern Spain. It was zingy, fresh, green, peppery flavoured. It went on everything we made at home plus all our focaccia at the bakery. 

Daniel and his partner Gema take the greatest care throughout the harvest and oil process. Their land is managed organically and olives are harvested using only traditional methods giving a guarantee that the oil is of the highest quality. They also use a local organic mill guaranteeing no contamination with conventionally sprayed olives. 

Traditional methods of harvesting are ancient, basic but effective using long sticks to hit the olives out of the tree and small rakes to pull the olives from lower branches. This method has probably been used for hundreds of years in the harvesting of olives. Covering the ground with large nets to catch the falling olives then hand picking the fallen leaves and debris to ensure the olives are clean and ready to go to the mill. A short journey to the local organic mill ensures their carbon footprint is low.

We now have a new batch of the December 2023 harvest ready to share with you. This is an absolutely unique unblended oil. It comes directly from the farmer like so many of our other ingredients (our flour from Walk Mill, our pastry butter from Winter Tarn Dairy). 

We feel incredibly excited to be able to offer this oil to our customers. Available in 500 ml bottles from our website for collection from us or free delivery to our existing Bread Club Members.