Gut health, good bugs and pseudo grains

June 20, 2024


Buck What!?

Buckwheat is neither a grain, nor a wheat but is a seed from a plant distantly related to rhubarb. It is the holy grail of breakfast porridge in Russia, Poland and the Baltic countries. It is also often eaten instead of rice in its toasted form in savoury dishes

Buckwheat is an absolute powerhouse when it comes to nutrition – good complete protein source (contains all aminoacids), excellent source of manganese and magnesium, good source of selenium, zinc, iron, folate.

Sprouting starts the process of transforming a seed into a plant and as a result makes all those nutrients more bioavailable

Wholemeal Spelt

You will be familiar with this ancient grain from a previous Spelt & sesame special. A close relative to wheat, cultivated since app 5000 BC, it fell out of favour with farmers because it is more difficult to thresh and has lower yields. 

We get ours from Hodmedod ‘s who mill UK grown organic spelt in their stone mill. 

All of this makes a wonderful, complex and diverse loaf which combined with our usual Walk Mill wheat delivers more nutrition and gut health.

Available to all Bread Club Members on the last week of June 2024 or at our Open Day.