Introducing our monthly special!

April 6, 2022


A while back we asked you for feedback about our bread and the way we do things. We had a lot of lovely feedback as well as a few asks. As a result we have made some tweaks to our schedule which means most of you now get their bread before or close to midday! 

Something else you asked about was more variety and different things to try. We love experimenting around here and we hope you do too. We are introducing our monthly special!

How does it work?

On the last week of each month instead of your usual bread we will offer our monthly special. We will source a special flour or make a loaf you might have not tried before. Along with your bread we will also tell you what makes it so special. 

By introducing the monthly special we are hoping to not just offer you more variety but also an opportunity to learn more about bread, the different flours out there and the benefits it can have to your health. 

I hope by now most of you know how important provenance is for us. We like knowing where our food comes from and who made it. We believe doing that creates a community and gives you greater appreciation of the environment, the seasons and all the love and labour that goes into growing and making food. 

We completely understand though if you like your staple weekly loaf and would rather not experiment, that’s why we are asking you to opt-in for the monthly special. You only need to do this once. Each month we will give you plenty of notice in case you want to opt-out on that particular month.